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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finished Quilt and a Win!

I finally finished my barn quilt.  I made the top in 2013.  I combined two quilt alongs from Bee in my Bonnet.  I finished it in September while living in TX and then moved to MO in October four years ago.  When one of the categories announced for our local quilt show was country homes I knew I needed to get this top quilted!

 Due to a few setbacks I did not start quilting it until last week.  I decided to just do wavy lines since I can't draw a straight line much less quilt one!  Of course I had lots of help quilting it on my treadle, a Singer 66 with Lotus decals.  It is 100 years old and a workhorse!

 I was sewing the binding on at the very last minute, washed it, dried it and took it right over to get it entered!

It was not a technical judging, area businesses hosted categories.  All names were hidden from the judges.  The country homes category was hosted by United Realty, who sold my house to me last year, and she picked my quilt!  She said it was a quilt she would want to put on her bed.  I got first place, I'm super excited!
 I also entered another old quilt from 2014.  You can read more about this quilt here:   http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2014/08/cat-quilt-finished.html

I entered this quilt in the Wild about Animals category.  This was part of a block exchange and a friend made the center cross stitch section for me.  It also won first place in it's category!
They really liked the descriptions I wrote talking about my quilts.  That is training I got from writing blogs.  LOL  This one was held by Caryl Stillings of the Ava Art Guild because she wanted an animal theme.
The show prize money is a great blessing also.  I know my quilts would never win a "technical" challenge, but that's okay.  I would be totally stressed trying to make my quilts perfect.

If you live near Ava, MO, the quilt show is running until August 24 or 26, I can't remember.  It is free and being held at the Ava Art Guild Gallery.

I'll be sharing quilts by category all week!

Have you ever entered a quilt in a quilt show before?


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cupcake the Calico Cat on the Cake Quilt

I love to bake, quilt, and cats!  When we got the kittens four years ago, we named them Oreo, Custard, and Cupcake.  Cupcake loves my cake quilt.  
This first picture is my entry for the Pets on Quilts Show.
I am entering the Cats on Quilts category.
I told her I needed to take pictures of her on the quilt, so she posed for me, but first had to attack the quilt.
I have not finished the border on this quilt yet, but the cats have really enjoyed sleeping on it!
 I got the cake blocks from blogging friends in the Sew Sweet Bee.  I wanted to combine my love of baking and decorating cakes with quilts and asked everyone for a cake block.  They are all different!

 See the yellow cake block with the red heart that Cupcake is showing off?  That is the block Renee from Sewn with Grace made me.  It is very special because she passed away a couple of months ago.  I will think of her every time I look at it.  We never met face to face but she was a very sweet lady.
 Pippi is in the background and wants on the quilt too, but she does not like to share,

 Cupcake was hogging the spotlight!
 Squeeky snuck onto the quilt for a moment!
Here are the rest of the cats, the only one missing is Custard.  Yes, I have seven cats!
I have a sewing room, but my machines still end up in the living room.  Did I mention all of my quilting are done on treadle sewing machines?

The voting will begin in ten days, August 21, so be sure to vote for your favorite, which I hope is Cupcake!  Don't forget to check out all the other blog posts at Lily Pad Quilting!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Winner Announced

My sunflowers have been growing!

I have been trying to get my quilt finished.  I'm almost done!

 Since I can't quilt in a straight line I am making wavy lines.
And the winner of my giveaway is Kim from Lily Patch Quilts!  I have sent you an email!
Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Chain Stitching

I am finally quilting again!  I have to have this quilt finished by Friday for a quilt show.  I need to get busy!  I tried to quilt it on my industrial that I do my FMQ on, but it did not want to straight stitch, so I had to move to a smaller treadle.
 We started a making a quilt in my sewing class and have a new student.  AJ is only seven so her mom stays and helps her.  Zoe and Alayna made their first chain stitches.
 All three of them are learning how to use the rotary cutter.

AJ's mom snapped a picture of me helping AJ with the rotary cutter.
 They are also learning how to iron.
I really enjoy teaching these classes!

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for an ice cream sandwich maker.
Darlene, you are a no-reply blogger and I cannot reply to your comment.


Pets on Quilts starts on Thursday, be sure to get your pictures ready!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Feline Friday

I am very behind on the latest Sew Sweet Bee blocks.  I really liked how easy this block was, but I can't sewing everything upside down.  This block was for Elaine aka Summer Crafter

 Pippi has decided that my dress form is her new cat bed, I think she looks good in flowers!
 Cupcake loves the catnip!
 She looked so cute in this pink bow but she did not like it and took it off.
 Oreo decidedly hates pink and refused to wear it for even a second!
Have a great weekend!  Don't forget my giveaway ends on Tuesday!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sewing With Little Girls - Aprons

I had two in my sewing class on Monday!  We made simple aprons.  
We used this pattern:   It was super easy for beginning sewers! 
Alayna made a cute apron using emoji fabric.  She did a great job and her stitches were very straight, so proud of her!
 Zoe made her apron last week, but Alayna was not able to make it.  This week Zoe made a matching apron for her little sister.  She did a pretty good job remembering the steps from the week before!
 Here they are sewing on their machines.  Alayna is sewing on her handcrank.  I set up a classroom in my basement (that's why the pictures are dark).  My dining room table is now in the basement.  I really need another table to put down there for the class.   I hung up some of my aprons on the bulletin board.
 Of course, Pippi thinks the girls are there to see her!
 They are learning how to iron also.
 They are also learning how to mark their fabric.
We are moving our class to once a month now that school is starting.  We are starting a quilt on Friday.  We are going to make a postage stamp quilt using 2 1/2 inch squares, just a throw size.  How much total yardage do you think they will need?  I always just pull from my stash, so I am not sure.  I was thinking about two yards?
Zoe wants to make something for Thanksgiving, I was thinking maybe a place mat with a pumpkin on it?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends on Tuesday.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I have a giveaway for you for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!  I am giving away a new ice cream sandwich maker from Pampered Chef.  This is a very neat way to make your own ice cream sandwich makers!  The silicone trays are designed for you to bake your cookies or browns and then the mold inserts are for your ice cream.  Put them together and you have the perfect ice cream sandwich.  Keep reading for several recipes for Ice Cream Sandwiches!

As many of you know, I started selling Pampered Chef the beginning of June.  I am trying to launch my business.  I get extra incentives my first ninety days and they are up August 28.  I have to say that I love being a consultant.
For the giveaway there are several ways you can enter.
Leave a comment and tell me each thing you have done and I will put your name in the drawing for each thing.
1.  What is your favorite Pampered Chef item.  If you have not heard of Pampered Chef, what is something you would like to make your life easier?
2.  Like my FB page and leave a comment on one of my posts or videos.
3.  Visit my website and tell me about a new product you are interested in.
4.  For ten entries, host a Facebook party, if you live local, a cooking show would be great.  (within a
     hour from Ava, MO).  What a great way for you to earn free and discounted products!
5.  For 20 entries become a consultant under me this month.  This month new consultants get $100 Pampered Chef bucks after their first 30 days.  Ask me for details!
6.  For ten entries, place an order!
7.  For another entry share my giveaway either on Instagram, your blog, or Facebook.  Don't forget to let me know you shared!

Be sure to leave me your email address so I can get a hold of you if you win!  Several people have been leaving comments that are no-reply bloggers.  I answer every comment, so if I have not answered your comments on previous posts, you are no-reply.
Thank you for helping out a fellow business owner, because I am my own boss.  Don't forget to tell me for each thing you did to enter!  The giveaway will be open for one week and will close on Tuesday, August 8.
My business email, Facebook page, and website

Friday, July 28, 2017

Feline Friday

Cupcake loves my treadle!
I set this bowl on the floor for a moment to pull out the other bowls I have to set inside it in the cabinet.  I wasn't quick enough, She thought it made a great bed!  LOL
I had used it to soak my corn on the cob before I grilled them.

How do you like to grill your corn?


I have been having difficulties with my commenting on other people's posts coming up as a no reply, thought I fixed it and then messed up commenting on my blog.  I think I fixed it, but please let me know if you are having problems.  Thanks!
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